The Day I Freed Myself, I Created A Movement Without Even Knowing It

Before & After.jpgA lover of life, a self-confessed ‘Googler’, a photo opportunist, a serious shoe freak, a marketing maniac and a girl who is seriously Jesus crazy, with an unquenchable passion for all things awesome!  Well these are just a few choice phrases that define who I truly am at heart.

However, this brilliant, vibrant, life-loving spirit was trapped within an unfit, unhappy and lazy body for a long time!  Marriage, kids and life happened and yes I let myself slip.  I am not proud of it but it happened.  I remained the confident, exciting and fashion loving girl that I was but many things changed.  I couldn’t really wear the clothes I loved because I had to wear what suited my larger figure (and although I looked great in it, I wasn’t truly happy).  My most prized piece of clothing was my spandex tights (tummy tucker) that kept everything in place and made me look a size smaller.

Though content with life, I needed a change and I need one desperately…and 2014 marked my year of change!  I no longer wanted to be the girl who just wished that she looked good in her clothes, who had a small enough frame, who had a body that resembled a somewhat sexy figure, who had to pretend that being overweight was no big deal…because honestly it mattered to me more than anyone knew!  I hated my body and although I pretended to be ‘ok’ with it, I wasn’t really.

I reminisced about the days when I literally could wear anything and look amazing, I wished for those days back.  I tried every weight loss pill and magic potion that was available, I would crash diet for a few weeks and lose a few kilo’s and  that would send me over the moon but within a few weeks I would put it all back (if not more) and I would feel worse than I did before I started.  I wasn’t a big eater but I ate the wrong foods and I felt as guilty as hell for it!

In April 2014, I did what most people do over the Easter holidays, I spent it with family and all we did was eat, party and make merry.  We took lots of photo’s to save the memories but when I saw them I hated what I saw and I refused to post even one on Facebook.  I resembled a whale (exaggeration) and I looked larger than everyone else in the photos. I hit rock bottom and I hated myself even more.  To make matters worse, that week I weighed myself in my doctor’s rooms and I weighed a whopping 79kgs, I was horrified!

The self loathe that I felt became my motivation, I decided that I could no longer blame child birth, work schedules, being a mom and wife with a home to run and all the other excuses that I used in the past to explain why I was fat!  I needed to get off my fat ass and do something or nothing was going to change…and I did!

My purpose in life today, is to be an encouragement to everyone wanting to lose weight and gain control of their life.  I know what it feels like to hate yourself, to feel desperate, to want to lose weight but you just can’t stick to it.  I am proof that you can lose weight if you just get your mind-set right and convince yourself that you want it bad enough.   The biggest battle we fight is within ourselves, once we convince ourselves we can achieve anything!

To date, I have lost a staggering 23kgs!  I have dropped from a size 40 to 30/32 depending on the cut.  I look 15 years younger and I have the energy of a teenager again.  I love my body now, I love getting dressed, I love shopping for new clothes, I eat well and I make the time to exercise even though my life is hectic.  I have my cheat days, I think it is healthy and normal to cheat every now and then but I get right back into my routine because I will NEVER EVER want to be fat again!

This is my story and if you would like to get healthy tips, weight loss encouragement, motivation and a friend who wants nothing more than to help you succeed, then follow my blog and keep up with me as I go through this fit girl movement.

God Bless




  1. You motivated me to start… I weighed 79 kgs and hated myself… now gracefully I am trying and I hope to get there by end 2016…. thank you Leo… you are a true inspiration.

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  2. That’s amazing, brilliant, I need this motivation as I am also on my way to a healthier lifestyle, it’s hard, but I’m trying in Nov 2015 I weighed 93kg, I now weigh 82, and I’m on my way to reaching my goal weight of 70kg. Thanks for sharing your story Leona. Well done.

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  3. Hi there,

    One of my friend’s shared your link on Facebook and I clicked through to have a look. Firstly well done! You look stunning. Like you and many other women here, I am trying to lose weight/change my eating habits but I am finding it just so difficult to stick to it. Just a couple of questions if you don’t mind, did you cut out bread and rice from your diet completely? What do you have breakfast? Did you also cut down sugar in your teas and coffees? (I stopped drinking coke and other cool drinks, I try not to eat cakes and the sweet stuff but sometimes I just can’t resist). How do you stay full during the day? I would often take a small lunch with no bread/rice but I end up starving when I get home and then I would just eat the first thing available before I cook (a sandwich, biscuits and tea..etc) And generally, how do you stay motivated and resist the temptation? I do a small kettlebell workout and my arms have started getting toned, I also do a bit on the orbitrek (10 minutes) but I know the eating and exercise has to work hand in hand. Can you recommend any other specific “fat burning” exercises?

    Sorry for all the questions.

    Keep well.

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    • Hi DC 🙂
      I know exactly how you feel, I have days like these sometimes as well. It’s all about moderation and learning how to say no and convince yourself that you don’t want that extra biscuit, piece of cake or chocolate. Thank you for the questions as they are the exact same ones I used to have. I will answer all your questions in my next blog article, please watch out for it.
      Much Love


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