How to be a wise eater during Easter

The much awaited Easter weekend is nearly here and while it is a spiritual experience and refresher for most of us, it can also spell doom and gloom for our diets.

It’s a time of celebration, relaxation and of course indulgence where all the celebrations are somehow centered on food. And while it is a wonderful occasion to spend time with family and friends, it does put our diet in a jeopardy.  But I bring good news, having a superb holiday need not result into you falling off your diet plan.

It’s all about balance! Here are some simple tips so that you can enjoy a guilt-free Easter without adding a centimeter to your waistline.

  1. Choose the dark – not the evil kind but the chocolate kind. Opt for dark chockies over milk chocs, dark chocolate is not only more filling, it is also much healthier.
  2. Portion control – I know this is easier said than done, I mean with all the chocolate, hot cross buns and good foods lying around, how does one resist? Stick to small plates, even side plates if you have to, take a handful of chocs or sweeties and don’t go back for seconds, have 1 hot cross bun if you are craving it and resist the urge to reach another.
  3. Eat like a bunny – yes, choose more rabbit food. Rather chose to fill up your plate with veggies and salads and chose less meat and fats.
  4. Airtime – spend time outdoors, walk, run or join in the Easter egg hunt. Keep moving and don’t allow yourself to become lethargic and lazy.
  5. Hop, skip and jump – try and stay faithful to your exercise routine. I know with the holidays come late nights and even later mornings but stay loyal to your fitness and to yourself.  Set your alarm and get up early, I promise you will feel better about yourself and you will not feel as guilty when you reach for that Easter egg.

So there you have it, 5 simple steps to help you keep your waistline intact over Easter.  It may seem like simple advice, but trust me, I know how easy it is to get lost in the festivities and look back a week later and see weeks of hard work lost in a matter of days!

Happy Easter to you all and remember to stay a healthy ‘feaster’ during Easter.

Much Love

Leona ♥



  1. Well Done Leona – this is so well written – so true and to the point – just what every woman needs to hear and not only for ladies with small kids for ladies in general – we always have extra *things* to do. xxx


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