Time For Change

Work it

If you are anything like me, you will agree that it is damn hard to balance life sometimes.  We are busy momma’s in the mornings as we get our kiddies off to school, career women by day (wheeling & dealing), maids and chefs in the afternoons and once our spawns have been put to bed, we (women) with whatever energy we have left, still have to be the ravishing sex craving beauts that our hubby’s married LOL.  In all honesty, when put like that it sounds SCARY! But believe me, it is possible to find (sorry make) time for ourselves to do the things that make us feel beautiful (like wash our hair and shave hahaha).

I will admit, when my boys were younger, it was harder to find the time for me, when I wasn’t mommy, I was wifey, or bestie, or sister, or something or the other.  But as they grew and as I grew with them, I learnt to let some things go.  Like the washing could wait a day, or I could put the washing away tomorrow evening so that I could make time for myself tonight to do my nails or wash and set my hair.  You are not Superwoman and no-one is expecting that of you, give yourself a break!

Becoming a mother was one of the most challenging but also rewarding experiences of my life.  I would not trade it in for ANYTHING.  But remember, we were wives before we became mothers (in most cases lol), we owe ourselves to our hubby’s first and foremost before we do to our kids.  Some might argue with me on this but I firmly believe in it.  If you and your hubby are on the same team, loving each other daily and making time for each other, then you will find it easier to rely on them to help you with the opposing team (kids) and they would be more than willing to get involved (cos they know what the rewards would be lol).

Finding a balance in life is possible, it might seem like most of us wing it every day but the funny thing is, we do actually have it all together.  We can all still manage to look great and stay in shape while being good mothers and wives, we don’t have to choose between these options.

How is it possible you may ask?  Because the ones that succeed, make the time!  Saying “I don’t have the time” is the biggest lie in the book, people make the time for what is important to them…bottom line!  The reason I am touching on this topic is because most people say to me that they cannot exercise or workout because they just don’t have the time.  What they lack, is not time but the motivation and a decision to get started.  If you feel like you also don’t have the time then start by making just 15 minutes available for yourself to relax, exercise or shampoo :).  Dad can mind the kids during this time, or choose to make some ‘ME’ time when the kids are in bed (instead of curling up on the couch lol) and you will see that it is possible. You can make the time if you want to.

I challenge you to get started and I can promise you that your future self will thank you.

Let me know if you can identify with my words above and if you have managed to steal some time away for yourself, how did that work out?

Much Love

Lee ♥





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