Can’t keep a good woman down!

9e7d578ef9a65e3c8687fd3802ce8068So I haven’t written in a while, the flu had me down good but like the saying goes, you can’t keep a good woman down for long!
So here I am, back in action and ready to get my fitness on, full swing. Being sick, meant I was on meds for a while and eating comfort food because yes, I felt sorry for myself 🙂 but healthy choices and good hearty food resulted in minimal weight gain 🙂 yay for me.

Feeling as run down as I was, I didn’t exercise much but I can honestly say that I feel strong again, and got into the trenches last night and gave it 100%.

This week kicked off with a few birthdays and we all know that no birthday is complete without cake lol so I did indulge but I didn’t over-do it…relax! Hahaha  I have a plan for this week though, I am going to prepare good food, make great food choices, so no unhealthy meals, and get my exercise routine going again…full steam ahead!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to get started yesterday.  I could hardly wait to get home, get dinner on the stove and get crunching and squatting while supper got ready.  It was a successful session, that workout kicked me A$$ but I am happy to report that I did it and I am feeling so motivated and eager to keep going.

Setbacks happen in life, it’s called LIFE HAPPENING, but never allow a setback to hold you back.  You have greatness within you and a champion waiting to be realized.

If this winter has given you the dreaded flu and body aches & pains that come with it? Take care of yourself, love yourself and get better well before you hit the gym or weights again…but most importantly, make sure you get going again!
Much love and hugs
Leona ♥


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