Winter Workout Blues

sumIf you’re anything like me, you’re focused and determined and  staying fit is a big deal. You want to look mean, I mean lean and maintain that fine figure and then winter happens!  And now all you want to do is stay warm and eat comfort food, sounds lovely, except for the fact that my exercise routine is somewhat lacking…but the couch is warm 🙂

Honestly though, I find that I have to coax myself to leave my warm couch and exercise. Someday’s are harder than others but I have learnt that the easiest way to stay motivated is remember how far you have come and how long it has taken you to get here and that should be enough to scare you back to you weights 🙂

Keeping at it and staying consistent in your mission is what will deliver results.  Winter will come and winter will go BUT all your hard work will never fade away. You will be thankful and all will be clearer when the sun starts shinning brightly in summer and you have worked hard and earned that summer bod.

Remember summer bodies are made in winter 🙂

Keep squatting, crunching, lifting, running and whatever else it is that you are doing to keep fit…and give the boot to the eating, lazing and TV gazing.

Stay strong and stay fit my divas.

Until next time…much love!

Leona ♥



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