The Journey To Health – 23kgs Later/Lighter


I, like many, always asked the question when I saw someone that had lost weight – whats the secret? Care to share it? But the truth is, no matter what their ‘secret’ was, I would try it for a day or two and then slowly slip back into my old habits. Changing ones lifestyle is hard as hell, it’s an easy decision to make but a terribly hard one to live by.

My life has been totally transformed over the past 36 months or so and all I can say is there is no magic pill or potion, if you were wondering…it’s all due to HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION (sorry to burst your bubble lol).

You have to want it, desire it, NEED it, in order for it to become your driving force. Watch my journey of transformation here, you will be pleasantly surprised, I assure you 🙂



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