Strong Woman Stand & Deal

Salute to all the strong women I know – Love Leona

So spring has sprung and warmer days are upon us! YAY!

I am sure many people have felt the wrath of winter, myself included, it brings about undeserved cravings and the need to cuddle up under the covers and keep warm instead of working out and exercising.  Honestly I can attest, it took A LOT of motivation to get up, pick up my weights and get back into a routine of some sort…it wasn’t easy but I HAD TO DO IT!

I might seem like a fitness freak to most but even I have bad days that turn into weeks where I battle to get my routine started let alone going.  So to get my body and mind-set right and under control once again, I started the 21 Day No Bread, No Sugar Challenge #NoBS on 4 September 2016.  For those of you that don’t know what the #NoBS Challenge is about, it’s staying off bread, in fact all carbs and anything sugar laden.  I must say, I have tried this challenge a few times before and the results speak for itself, so I highly recommend it.  Today is day 6 of 21 and so far it has been easy going, I feel lighter, healthier and happier J

This past week has been exhausting, my youngest son had SO many school projects which resulted in many late nights but amidst all this buzz I have had the privilege of meeting an AMAZING woman!  Ferzana is charming, courageous, motivated and determined woman. She has fought and WON her battle with cancer, she is a business woman, a mother, a wife and my new best friend J

This woman has handled everything that life has thrown at her with a smile on her face, she has persevered and has surfaced as a survivor and a victor today!  I am SO proud of you Ferzana and I feel so honoured to know you.  Why am I telling about Ferzana because Ferzana has taken control of her life and she refuses to let a disease take over, she wants to get healthy and stay fit so that she can be the best mom, wife and friend that she can be and I have the hugest respect for her for making this life changing decision.

I know life isn’t always easy friends, we all have days were we feel like we can take on the world and then we have days where it feels like the world in tumbling down on top of us but whatever the situation, how you approach it is what makes ALL the difference.

So here’s to all you strong, beautiful & hard working ladies out there who take on each day with a renewed strength and fresh outlook, no matter has happened the day before.  I admire you! YOU are my inspiration.

Much Love


PS:  Here’s more info on the No Bread No Sugar Challenge


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