This Ain’t Sugar Coated!

If you’re hoping for some ‘sweet’ words, there ain’t none here, but I’m gonna give it to you straight….I beat my sugar addiction!

I know what you’re thinking…impossible! Well, it’s true 🙂

I was the kind of girl that would take 3 teaspoons full of sugar per cup of tea/coffee, I could drink a 500ml Coca Cola without a thought of calories, I could eat a WHOLE slab of Cadbury’s milk chocolate while watching a movie ( while snacking on crisps too) – so you see, I had a huge sugar addiction.  I LOVED SUGAR! The bottom line, I had a sweet tooth and nothing could ever be too sweet.  This was until I became health conscious and started watching what I ate, it wasn’t an overnight change but gradually I became more and more careful with my choices of food and what I put in my mouth.

One could ditch the sugar completely and go cold turkey, that’s what I did, or you can give it up gradually, either way you have to make a conscious decision to remove sugar from your life 90% of the time.

So this does not mean that you will never eat a piece of cake or chocolate ever again…no, what it does mean is that you will ONLY eat it occasionally (at least once a week, no more).

I gave up sugar about 2 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made.  It has resulted in me losing stubborn weight and I have managed to keep it off because the biggest weight gaining culprit had been kicked out for good.

Funny enough, I now find things too sweet!!!! Can you believe it? If anyone had said to me 2 years ago that I would be able to taste a few grains of sugar in my tea and be put off by it…I would have laughed in their faces…but here I am!  I dreamt of the day where I would be able to control this addiction and I can proudly say I have overcome.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because if I can do this and lead a healthier and happier life then so can you! And honestly my friend, I want this for you!

It’s not easy and temptation will try and destroy you BUT it is not impossible, you just have to try and keep trying every time you fall off the wagon.  One bad treat doesn’t have to result in a week of bad treats…just be kind to yourself, we all slip, just get back on track immediately.

Keep it sweet! Without the sugar though 🙂

Much Love

Lee ♥


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