Monday Motivation….

I guess we can all identify with this article Hey?
Happy Monday Friends.
Much Love

Through a Mommy's Eyes

I’m sure im not the only one who’s had to deal with negative people in my life, right?? And I’ll be the first to admit that its nearly impossible to not allow the things these people do and say, bring you down.

Whether its in the simple sly comments they make, which have a not-so-simple, sly affect, or the way they ignore you and make you feel so insignificant, pretty much like you don’t even exist, or the in-your-face remarks about how you aren’t doing this or that right……its difficult not to let their actions resonate in your heart and mind and hurt you to your core.

Its sometimes even more difficult to not retaliate. To stop yourself from saying something meaner, and more hurtful. How often, long after the interaction we are still left thinking “Why didn’t I say this or do that!!!”??

The reason you didn’t is because…

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