Transformation Tuesday

What seemed impossible a few years ago, seems easy today! What was once a dream, is now an accomplishment! What was once an ‘if only’ is now a ‘what next’.  If there is one piece of advice I could ever give you, it would be to “never give up on you!”

We all try so hard to look our best while living in a cruel world where we are forced to conform or fit in as such.  Being overweight just makes this struggle so much harder.  You are constantly conscious of yourself, how people look at you, what are they saying behind your back, do you look fat in that dress, why did I eat that last donut…these are the demons that haunted me for a long time, until I took control of my life and health.
You see, it’s easy to act as if it doesn’t bother you, but the truth is it does and I was tired of it.

The day I decided to take control of my life, health, eating and choices, I gave myself a second lease on life.  I am at my healthiest right now, I certainly do not have the body of a swimsuit model and that’s OK because that’s not what I wanted.  All I wanted was to look better and feel better…and I have accomplished that!

If at first it seems hard, go easy on yourself, we all started small…baby steps will lead to giant strides!

Keep at it my friends….it can only get better.




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