Get Moving – 5 Exercise Tips You Will Love ♥

Starting an exercise routine or plan is always hard.  The deciding that you want to start is easy but keeping at it and actually doing it as per your plan, well that’s the hard part!

But it doesn’t have to be, I have given this much thought and here are 5 tips that I think will help you.  It has helped me stay on track, keep my fitness in check and achieve the goals I have set out for myself.

Get this right and my next article will have some super-hot exercise that you can try to get your butt, arms and abs in shape.

Exercise tips to keep in mind and apply:

  1. Consistency

If you have made the decision to start getting fit, then you have to stay loyal and true to it!  Exercising once a week or when you feel like it is NOT going to yield results…hate me for saying this but it’s the truth.  You can tell yourself “well at least I am doing some sort of exercise, it’s better than doing nothing” and if that makes you feel better then great! But will it give you results, NO. Will it deliver toned muscles, NO. Will it result in weight loss, NO.  What will give you all this and more, is sticking to you your plan and exercising at least 4 days a week.

  1. Routine

You can’t wing it every day, you have to work different muscle groups with each day. I don’t think having just a strong upper body with skinny legs is not attractive J So have a plan which includes, abs, butt, core, arms & legs.

  1. Be Realistic

Don’t be unfair to yourself.  Trying to lose 10kgs in one week let alone one month is not practical and even if you do somehow lose the weight, sustaining it will be a problem.  Know how much you want to lose, be reasonable with the period of time you are willing to allow yourself to lose it and smash those goals!

  1. Make It Your Life

Ensure that your new fitness lifestyle, becomes just that…your lifestyle!  It can’t be just for the 2 or 3 months that you are allocating to lose the weight, it has to become a way of life.

  1. Happiness

Chose exercises that you enjoy doing.  Not all exercises are fun, I personally don’t look forward to leg days or squats but I LOVE THE RESULTS they deliver and I don’t particularly hate it.  However if you feel you hate skipping for example, find another exercise that will suffice.  If you hate something there is no possible way it can be included in your lifestyle.

So these are my tips and what has helped me, I hope it resonates with you and will helps to get you started.  Remember there will always be set backs, disappointments & bad days but never back down from your goals.

You owe this to yourself, you’re worth it.

Much Love
Lee ♥


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