Reasons Why I’m Celebrating Turning 37

I turn 37 on 12 Feb and I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this to be honest. It’s a bit of a mix of ‘oh shit I’m closer to 40’ and ‘I’m content cos I got my shit together and I’m on the right path’ combined with a splash of ‘I got so much more I want out of life’.

So let’s touch on the ‘oh shit I’m closer to 40’ bit

I remember a time when I looked at 30 something people and thought “Mmm their old” and here I AM! I have my fears about sliding towards 40 mostly because I’m scared to get too old too quickly but I also have a sense of pride about it…weird I know.  As scared as I am, I am also excited to see what life has in store for me. I have so much I want to achieve in this life and I just pray that the lord allows me enough time to do it all!

As I get older, I realise that in this BIG and amazing life, there are only a few things that ACTUALLY makes my life full, worthwhile and meaningful.  I thought I would share these things with you 🙂

  1. Life

I’m am alive!!!!! This is reason enough for me to celebrate. I have loved ones with me and I get to experience life with the people that matter the most. THAT right there makes my heart smile. Life is short – live it, treasure it, love it!

  1. Friends

I have a lot of friends, some close, some not but I am blessed with them all.  I have 3 besties who I have known since high school, these girls are amazing! They have been with me through the years and have supported me through a lot. I have a few choice friendships that have developed over the years and each one of these contributes to my life in a special way.

  1. Love

I feel so loved at this point in my life, that I feel like nothing can bring me down from this high!  I have the love of my supportive family, love from my amazing friends, the love of my 2 only children – my sons who make my life worthwhile, the love of my 2 sisters – these girls are my rock! I can’t begin to imagine my life without them. And lastly the love of my special man – the man who makes me feel complete – my husband, my soulmate.  These people are my heart, my soul & my everything.

  1. Good Health

Thank the Lord for good health!

I don’t want to jinx it (touch wood – I’m superstitious to an extent) BUT I’m the healthiest I have ever been (touch a whole lot of wood! LOL). This is such a blessing and I have learnt not to take it for granted.  Do your health checks and stay fit!

  1. My Faith

I have reached a level of spirituality where nothing fazes or scares me anymore.  I have the surety that no matter what comes my way, it will all be okay, my God’s got my back!  I have seen the hand of God move over my life too many times, to doubt His ability to work things out.  So with that assurance and the peace he has blessed my heart with, I now trust Him completely.

So here you have it, this is my list of things that I am grateful to have as I roll over a new year.  I welcome age 37 with open arms, I am SO ready for you!

Much love to you all and here’s to a wild weekend! Enjoy!





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