My name is Leona Pillay and I would love if you would join my journey to fitness & health.

My purpose in life today, is to be an encouragement to everyone wanting to lose weight and gain control of their life.  I know what it feels like to hate yourself, to feel desperate, to want to lose weight but you just can’t stick to it.  I am proof that you can lose weight if you just get your mind-set right and convince yourself that you want it bad enough.   The biggest battle we fight is within ourselves, once we convince ourselves we can achieve anything!

To date, I have lost 23kgs!  I have dropped from a dress size 40 to 30, I look 15 years younger and I have the energy of a teenager again.  I finally reached a point where I love my body , I love getting dressed, I love shopping for new clothes, I eat well and I make the time to exercise even though my life is hectic.  I have my cheat days, I think it is healthy and normal to cheat every now and then but I get right back into my routine because I will NEVER EVER want to be fat again!

If you would like to get healthy advice, tips, weight loss encouragement, motivation and a friend who wants nothing more than to help you succeed, then follow my blog and keep up with me as I go through this fit girl movement.

God Bless